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12 Oct

I LOVE coffee table books, especially ones about interiors and paper crafts.

I can’t wait to get my hands on this piece of gold! Sibella Court, bestselling author of Etcetera, The Stylist’s Guide to NYC and Nomad has just released her new visual feast of her collections – ‘Bowerbird’.

A bowerbird is native to Australia and gathers, collects and arranges pieces it finds beautiful within its nest. When you flip through the pages of this book, you will realise that it is the epitome of the word – Bowerbird.

Order your copy today and check out Sibella’s website that’s like no other!

E x


Adore Home Magazine

10 Oct

I just love it when I find something I want to share with others! Adore Home Magazine is an online magazine delivered straight to your inbox as a PDF.

The great news is, if you’re only just learning about this magazine, you can purchase their back issues until October 24th for only $2.50 per issue! To celebrate their birthday, they are giving away prizes, YAY! Once you have purchased your back issue, email with your preference of prize from the above image. Enjoy!

E x

Wednesday Words of Wisdom

9 Oct

Take charge Ladies! If you’re waiting for the ‘right time,’ what if it never comes?

Colour & Confidence!

9 Oct

Today I am unpacking all of this bright and gorgeous jewellery ready to display in the store.

Doesn’t it just make you smile? Have fun showing off your statement pieces this Summer!

Temple & Webster

4 Oct
If you haven’t stumbled upon this beauty yet, then let me be the one to share the secret!
Temple and Webster are an online store that sell well known quality brand home wares at members only prices. The best bit? Membership is free! All the latest sales are delivered straight to your inbox! They also inform you of upcoming sales, so you can scope out what you’d like before the sale!
Sign up today to be a part of this exclusive club!
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3 Oct
You know when you’re lucky enough to stumble across those little home wares stores where you can just walk in and think ‘yes, this is just me all over!’
Not only do they just make you feel good or have products that make you tingle with excitement, but they also INSPIRE you to recreate the feeling upon entry in your own home.
I know a particular little store that never fails to provide this experience for me  – Crazy.Beautiful.Life in Richmond NSW.
Every time I’m on my way home from Sydney, I make sure to make a stop in there. The store is filled with all things quirky, handmade, rustic, modern and nature inspired.
The owner’s keen eye to pull off and harmonize all of these different concepts in one space is evident upon entry.
It’s a must to see!
Follow Crazy.Beautiful.Life on Facebook.

‘Stuff’ to fill a void..

3 Oct

When you think about it, it’s all just ‘stuff’ isn’t it? Unless it has sentimental value, it’s just items that have been manufactured to please the eye and enhance our visual perception of ‘what makes us happy’ and fulfills us.

Don’t get me wrong, who doesn’t want a perfectly executed interior with statement pieces that pop and a lovely environment to walk into after a hard days work. It’s our haven, our safety, our place of relaxation and our ability to make these spaces so much more then just a ‘house’ is what really makes it feel like home.
It may sound a little contradictory that I -an interior decorator – am saying this,  but sometimes we get so caught up in this material world and forget to appreciate the little things, that In the big picture, are much more important than having the latest leather lounge or exotic throw rug.. It’s who we spend our time with, invite and share our houses with that create memories that stay with us.
So next time you think it’s impossible to perfect the look of your dream home on your budget or situation, just remember that these things take time. There’s no point just going and buying ‘stuff’ just to fill a void in your decorating frustrations! Be patient, make sure your pieces have a story or mean something to you, take progressional photos and in a few years from now, you can look back and see just how far you’ve come and you’ll appreciate your individual journey.
Here is a link to help you start with the very basics of getting your decorating schedule underway!
E x