Wednesday Words of Wisdom

3 Oct

It’s that time of week again. Hump day. That’s why I’ve decided to start ‘Wednesday Words of Wisdom’ to help you through to the end of the week and hopefully inspire you to kick butt at what you’re trying to achieve!

If you ‘follow’ me, these words of wisdom will be delivered straight to your inbox! If you’re also a mad pinner, you can follow me on Pinterest here.

Here’s the first one, hope it inspires you 🙂

E x


Trash to Treasure

25 Sep

‘Tips’ and ‘Resource Centres’ usually have a stigma attached to them – Trash.

Have you ever actually had a good look around your local tip?

Obviously I’m not talking about the huge gaping holes in the earth designed specifically for waste, but usually, your local tip will have a shop or shed selling pieces that can be up-cycled.

It’s amazing what some people render useless!

The before and after images of the wardrobe I have done up is an example of this. I wanted a storage cupboard for the store and didn’t want the standard ‘flat pack’ – boring!

With some fresh paint, some fabric panels and new handles, it’s better than it ever was!

I have received so many compliments on this because it is something different.

All too often we are on the hunt for the perfect piece and totally discount the potential in existing items that may not perhaps have come from a store.

I urge you to push your creativity! There is a far greater satisfaction in making something beautiful again then simply buying something that has been mass produced.

Try it, and I guarantee you’ll become addicted!

E x

Etsy Crazy!

22 Sep

I know it has been around for years, but only recently have I found myself crushing on Etsy and the whole other online world that it provides for the quirky, handmade and WOW!

With its endless ‘shopfronts’, you can’t log in without finding atleast 10 things that you want to buy!

I was browsing today and came across the store Name Design Studio where this gorgeous patchwork armchair comes from. The shop owner is based in Turkey and knows how to make a statement piece pop!

Being an upholstery lover, I cherish the fact that pieces of furniture can be recognized as works of art, no matter where you live in this world. It’s the universal language of quality.

E x

Homespun Style

21 Sep

There is just something about florals and bold punchy colours this Spring that continue to catch my eye and excite me.

When I came across Selina Lake’s new book – Homespun Style, I simply could not walk out of the bookstore until I knew it was mine! It’s such a visual treat. With gorgeous interiors that delight the eye with colour and pattern, but provide the balance of classy, yet relaxed living.

I highly recommend it with a sunny spot and a nice cup of tea!



14 Sep

The Little Nook? Let me explain the meaning behind the name!

Before I opened The Little Nook, I would often find myself travelling around to different towns and stumbling across gorgeous eccentric homewares and gift stores. Being a qualified Interior Decorator, my mind would wander and marvel at all of the beautiful and quirky things to be found.

I decided it was time for me to create my own little corner of the world where I would enjoy going to work every day and design a space that would inspire other individuals. Hence – The Little Nook.

I plan to share my inspiration, ideas, services and tips about all things interior, DIY and hand made. I would love for you to join me on this journey!